(Utdrag om Hapses - ur Boken “TURABDIN, H. HOLLERWEGEN, sid 133)

“ The Church of Mor Shemun, on the eastern edge of the village of Hapsus, is visible from afar to someone coming from Midyat.

One approaches the church through a yard on the south and an anteroom added on later and enters the narthex through a doorway with a highly decorative border.
It was in Hapsus that Mor Shemun d-Zayté, who built this church, was born in the mid-seventh century. He became abbot of the Monastery of Mor Gabriel and, in 700, bishop of Harran; he died in 734.

A late legend identifies him with the boy in the story of Mor Gabriel who was trampled to death at the saint´s funeral and resurrected on his bier. He was called “d-Zayté” (of the olive trees) because he planet 12,000 olive trees on the plain to the southeast of Turabdin.

This was one of the many profitmaking enterprises by which he made his monastery and his village wealthy.
Indeed, his commercial activities seem to have allowed Turabdin as a whole to enjoy an Indian summer of prosperity in the late eighth century ”.

View of Hapsus from the West